24 gauge wire

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24 gauge wire

$500/metric tons


24 gauge wire for sale

Super Soft High Flexible Silicone Cable Wire gauge 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 AWG ultra flexible heat resistant silicone cable


Our high quality silicone wire cable is super flexible thanks to a structure consisting of a high quantity of very fine stranded tinned copper wire. The tinned copper conductor makes this cable very easily soldered to connectors and connections. The soft, flexible and durable silicone insulator makes for a strong, long lasting cable which is also resistant to many solvents, lubricants and chemicals. This makes our flexible silicone wire cable perfect for various hobby, electrical and industrial applications.

1) Conductor material : tinned copper
2) Insulator material : silicone Rubber
3)Rated Temperature : -60°C~+200°C
4) Single wire diameter : 0.08mm
5) Nominal Voltage : 600 V
6) Test Voltage : 2000 V
7) Colors : Black ; Red ; White ; Blue ; Yellow; Green;Orange 


Technical Data


1, Nominal Voltage: 300V, 600V

2, Testing Voltage: 1500V, 2500V
3, Temperature Range: -60°C~+200°C
4, O.D. Tolerance: ±0.1mm
5, Conductor: Tinned copper, Bare copper
6, Insulator: Silicone
7, Color: white, blue, red, black, brown, yellow, green, yellow/green etc

8, Flammability: VW-1



Silicone Wire 20 awg is widely apply in home appliance, headlamp, mechanical and electrical machine etc.

It has extremely temperature resistance, super-soft , anti-acid, anti-oil, antisepsis and easy to install with small size and slippery surface.

We will guide you to choose the wire you need as below,

10AWG – big lipos >5,000mAh

12AWG – Big lipos >3,300mAh, biggest that will fit 4mm bullets etc.

14AWG – Most commonly used on SubC NiMH packs, lipos >2,000mAh motors etc.

16AWG – Airsoft mini batteries, Lipos >1300mAh

18AWG – AA power packs, Lipos >1,000mAh

20AWG – Small power packs, thickest wire that will fit JST connector, Mini-T connectors etc.

22AWG – Receiver batteries, commonly used for Futaba, JST, connectors, LED & low power lighting etc

24AWG – Light weight receiver batteries, LED lighting etc


Product Parameters

outdoor 450/750v electric bare copper wire

Nominal Area mm2/AWG Specification Rated voltage External Diameter mm
0.2(25AWG) 0.14*12 300/500V 4.4
0.2(24AWG) 0.15*12 300/500V 4.4
0.3(23AWG) 0.14*16 300/500V 5.0
0.3(22AWG) 0.15*18 300/500V 5.0
0.4(21AWG) 0.14*28 300/500V 5.6
0.5(20AWG) 0.15*28 300/500V 5.6
0.75(19AWG) 0.19*24 300/500V 6.5
1.0(18AWG) 0.18*32 300/500V 6.8
1.0(17AWG) 0.2*32 300/500V 6.8
1.5(16AWG) 0.19*48 300/500V 7.4
 2.0(15AWG) 0.23*40 300/500V 9.4
2.0(14AWG) 0.24*45 300/500V 9.4
2.6(13AWG) 0.24*58 300/500V 10.0
4.0(12AWG) 0.24*80 300/500V 11.0
4.0(11AWG) 0.24*92 300/500V 11.0
6.0(10AWG) 0.24*115 300/500V 11.6



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