Stainless steel mesh

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Stainless steel mesh


Stainless steel mesh For Sale

Type: Steel Mesh

Application: Heat Treatment Furnace, Mesh belt Anchoring parts

Weave Style: NO

Technique: Woven

Product name: 314 Bright Stainless Steel Wire mesh

Size range: 0.6-30mm

Melting Capacity: 18000 Ton/month

Hot Rolling Capacity: 20000 Ton/month

Wire drawing:        6000 Ton/month

Certification: ISO 9001: 2008; IATF 16949: 2009

Our steel products currently include:

1) Valve steel: 5Cr9Si3, 21-2N, 21-4N, 21-12N, 23-8N, X60, X80, Inconel 751, Nimonic 80A. We are a leading manufacturer in engine valve steel.

2) Stainless wire rods and wires for welding use. Because we have our own melting company and rolling factory, we also can supply semi-finished wire rods for making TIG, MIG wires and Electrode rods. The material we can supply is ER304, ER307, ER308, ER310, ER316, ER321, ER307Ti,  ER308L etc.

3) Free cutting materials: 303, 303Cu, 304F etc.

4) Heat resistant steel for the manufacture of boilers, turbines, combustion engines and plane engines: 302,  309, 310S, 316L, 321,

5) Bearing steel: Cr4Mo4V, 7Cr17Mo, 9Cr18 (95X18), 9Cr18MoV (X90CrMoV18)

Tensile Strength

Stainless Steel Bright Wire : ≥ 850Mpa

Stainless Steel Hydrogen Annealed Wire : ≤ 750Mpa

Application : Heat Treatment Furnace

 Production Process:

Melting⇒ Rolling⇒ (Picking) ⇒ Drawing ⇒ Annealing ⇒ Inspection⇒ Packaging


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